Harry W. Diehl first discovered the predecessor of CMO capsules in 1971 at the National Institutes of Health.
That predecessor was cetylmyristoleate. Unfortunately, Mr. Diehl was unable to get his project funded and slowly carried on at his own expense in his own home laboratory. Eventually, in March 1994, Harry Diehls report about injectable cetylmyristoleate was published in The Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences. In the report he expressed his hope that other studies would be conducted, particularly, more extensive tests of cetylmyristoleate analogues.



The late Dr Len Sands.

In late 1994 the San Diego Clinic research staff did exactly what the researcher had hoped for. They developed an orally administered dietary supplement. The San Diego Clinic did the first clinical study on CMO and its director, the late Dr. Len Sands, was the first person to take CMO.

In February 1996, CMO became available to the public. Already, several books have been written about CMO and its astonishing effectiveness. It took twenty-five years for CMO to finish its long journey from discovery to use by the public.

In January 2000 a new version of CMO was developed under Dr Sands' guidance. This has digestive enzymes, needed to improve the digestion of CMO by the body, included in the capsule.  Previously the digestive enzymes were taken as separate capsules, but there was no guarantee that the CMO capsules would dissolve at the same rate as the enzyme capsules, which is necessary for them to be able to work together. Combining everything in one capsule makes taking the CMO easier, and the improves the effectiveness.


Recently further improvement has been obtained by adding Magnesium and Selenium to the capsules. We are happy to report that 90 to 95% of customers report being delighted with the results obtained from Vestalcare CMO Capsules.